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Search Engines

All search engines will produce different results. Factors that influence results include the size of the database, the frequency of updating, and the search capabilities. Search engines also differ in their search speed, the design of the search interface, the way in which they display results, and the amount of help they offer.


If you would like assistance in choosing a search tool select ’ Choose the Best Search for Your Purpose ‘.

Instead of just googling try:

A decision making engine fully equipped with intuitive features that will deliver more relevant and faster results for your “decision-making.”  Bing can answer direct questions, differentiate synonyms, and is equipped to compe human language, rather than just text or keywords of a search query.

 If you are looking for scholarly resources, this is the engine for you.

A Canadian meta-search engine.

An easy to use search engine for pictures and images.  These thumbnails are accompanied by references to the original page it was indexed from.  Remember to use these pictures you must visit the original site and cite your information.